Annual Blood Drive

On Monday, November 23, 2020, PMCT held their annual blood drive at the New York Blood Center in Ronkonkoma. In total 28 PMCT members, friends and family donated much-needed blood to the NY Blood Service, which can save up to 84 lives! Thank you to all that took time out of their day to help.

Memorandum of Agreement

To view the MOA please click under Files, then click Contracts. It is password protected. You can also use the link below: MOA

PMCT Coffee for Carriers or Caregivers

PMCT Outreach will be hosting an event called Coffee for Carriers or Caregivers! It’s completely voluntary but hoping many of you join in!!! All you would need to do is a buy a gift card for your favorite mail carrier, UPS Driver, Fed Ex driver, nurse, doctor, grocery store worker or anyone else you can think of that might be working really hard these days and could use a nice cup of coffee! Please give the gift card to the person of your choice. I will be buying one for my UPS driver who literally works 15 hour days lately and still never forgets to leave my dog a treat!

PMCT Election Procedures

As a reference, the election procedures for a typical, in person, in build election have also been provided below.