PMCT Attends NYSUT Leadership Training

PMCT Executive Board Members, Beth Warnken, Kevin Toolan, June Gagnon, Linda Nowicki and Syndee Zegel took part in NYSUT’s Leadership Training the weekend of November 20-22, 2015. The group worked on strategizing ways to improve member attendance at meetings, activities, and important educational events. Ways to improve communication and disseminate information to the PMCT membership were discussed and plans were developed. Building Representative Jennifer Hempfling attended building representative trainings where contract items and the Freidrich’s case were discussed. The group was validated by NYSUT leadership in regards to all that we do and is excited to begin implementing new ideas!

From L-R- Beth Warnken, Linda Nowicki, Kevin Toolan, June Gagnon and Syndee Zegel


From L-R- Jennifer Hempfling, Syndee Zegel, Kevin Toolan, Debra Lloyd Priest(NYSUT LRS), Beth Warnken, June Gagnon and Lynda Nowicki


Sunrise at Gurneys Inn at Montauk